Author Interviews: Nichelle Rae and K.T. Munson

These lovely authors were kind enough to contact me and send me a free copy of their fantasy novel Frost Burn! I also talked them into doing an interview with me and I couldn’t be more excited. I had such a fun time coming up with the questions and hopefully they had fun coming up with the answers! I added some comments here or there because I just couldn’t resist 😉

Frost Burn is out now GET YOUR COPY!!

1. What fantasy world do you want to live in? (either one you created or another):

Nichelle: Middle Earth. But that may be because I’m borderline unhealthily obsessed with the Lord of the Rings movies.

K.T.: If I had to choose it would be Harry Potter universe. Honestly I’d prefer sci-fi myself and go into a futuristic world like the Star Trek.

Hannah: Ooooo I would totally love to live in Middle Earth! Only so I can find myself a Legolas of course 😉 but the Harry Potter universe is my dream!!

2. What Starbucks drinks would your characters like?

K.T.: Aradel would have Chai Tea. Kirill would want a chilled coffee – four shots.

Nichelle: *laughs* Kirill’s drink is perfect for him. Coor would probably like strong black coffee. Thea the same, maybe with some sugar. Darha would probably prefer mocha lattes.

Hannah: Darha is a woman after my own heart. Lattes are my ultimate fav.

 3. What Hogwarts house are you in/your characters in?

Nichelle: I’m in Hufflepuff. Don’t hate. It’s the same house as Newt Scamander from “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” My Patronus is also a badass hyena. I have no shame.

K.T.: *laughs* Whenever I take those quizzes I get all of them except Hufflepuff. No hate Nichelle, promise! However, when the sorting hat went on my head I’d go Ravenclaw. Also, my Patronus is a phoenix.

Nichelle: A phoenix? Okay…I’m a little jealous. Those are one of my favorite fictional creatures.

4. Have you based any of your fictional worlds on our world? Which real life place is closest to your fictional world?

K.T.: Well I’m the Frost side of the chapters and I live in Alaska…so I based a lot of the visualization on my home. Particularly further north in the Denali National Park area. In the winter time it truly becomes a winter wonderland just like in the Frost Nation. Sometimes.

Nichelle: The Fire Nation is a very rocky, craggy landscape. The closest real life place it might come to is the Grand Canyon, except, you know, with volcanoes.

5. Have you ever been like oh my god, I want to write about this so bad!! (Like pirates or serial killers or something?):

K.T.: I have always wanted to write crime novels, like supernatural mysteries. I’m actually just gearing up to finally do it after all these years. It is very different than my regular genres so it is taking lots of research. Also I’ve always wanted to do a graphic novel for teens and children’s books. I have a concept for both but never really pursued it.

Nichelle: I kind of had an opposite experience. I am not a fan of romance novels and would never think to try my hand at writing one of those. But then I woke up from a dystopian romance dream with some gravitas to hold a storyline. I might give that a go someday. But, knowing myself, it won’t resemble much of a romance novel when I’m through with it.

6. How did you meet your co-author? How did you decide to write a book together?

Nichelle: We met on line during NaNoWriMo 2014. We hit it off right away, writing paragraphs of emails to each other for about a month before one of us said we’d like to write a book with the other. A year later Frost Burn was released.

K.T.: We’ve actually never met in person. Lots of emails, some phone calls.

Nichelle: And Google hangouts.

K.T.: It is amazing with modern technology. I could tell right away that Nichelle’s writing would complement mine nicely. It was an easy step to make that next step write a book together. I was thrilled Nichelle was on board to give it a go.

Nichelle: Our writing styles could not be more different, which is one of the reasons I think Frost Burn turned out so well. We are each strong where the other is weak, and vice versa. That really balances out the story and makes it enjoyable to read.

8. I’d love to know more about the co-authoring process! Did you each write a chapter or part of the book?

Nichelle: First we needed a unified concept. We decided right away we’d each write alternating chapters to make sure all the input was fair.

K.T.: I appreciated that fact right up front. Nichelle and I are likeminded in that we wanted it to be fair. It made the decision to coauthor that much easier.

Nichelle: From there we chose characters and what their roles would be. After that we hashed out a chapter by chapter outline for the entire story. That was a long process, I think a half a year or more, but it allowed each of us to let our ideas to be heard and shared.

K.T.: The outline was huge in the making this happen. We knew right up front what was happening. I would argue the outline was more critical than the writing itself. It is where we partnered and discussed the most.

Nichelle: It was a collaborative effort from the jump. When we finally got to writing, it was pretty much a breeze thanks to that outline. I think the golden ticket, though, of why this story worked so well, is because after each chapter one wrote, the other would go through and edit it before writing their own chapter. For example, K.T. wrote Chapter One and sent it to me. I edited her chapter completely before writing Chapter Two and sent both back to her. K.T. would then go through my edits of Chapter One, accept or reject changes I made, and then edit my chapter, before writing Chapter Three. It was that constant give and take that allowed this story to come out so well, and gain us reviews that say, “Even though the story is told by two authors I noticed very little change in the author’s voice…” I think that’s because there is a huge amount of both of us in every single chapter.

K.T.: That’s so true. It made the editing easier at the end for sure. I liked that as we wrote and edited, the process and our two voices become more and more combined as the story progressed.

Nichelle: I loved that. The story really did congeal beautifully along the way the longer we worked on it and, really, got to know each other during the process.

K.T.: We didn’t always agree on everything but we always worked it out. It was a true partnership. We won’t mention the offending cover dispute *grins* because it all worked out in the end!

Nichelle: Yes, yes. Dark topic. Very dark topic, that cover. One we actively avoid. *grins* But after the darkness passed, we got a really stunning piece of artwork we’re both extremely proud of, and a good friend out of the deal, as well.


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