“1001 Islands” by K.T. Munson Book Review:

* My lovely friend and author K.T. Munson gave me a free copy of this book to review but that in no way influences my opinions on the novel!*

Title: 1001 Islands

Author: K.T. Munson

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Format Read: ebook

Synopsis: (spoiler free from le goodreads)

The sliver of moonlight cast eerie shadows across the deck of The Dark Revenge. The Silence at the helm stood embracing the obscurity. His foreboding presence matched the anticipation aboard the ship, and no one spoke for fear they would break the stillness that encompassed them. Tonight, everything changed. The Dark Revenge gained on the Regatta. The raiders said nothing but he could hear the shuffle of taut female clothing and the tension in the air. It hadn’t sensed their existence, and drifted like heedless prey. Princess Roxana slept, unsuspecting of what was hunting her in the inky blackness of the night. There was only one thing on the minds of The Silence’s crew as they drew near; Hang the Kings, Crown the People.

Things I liked: (spoiler free)

i. The First Line: I loved the first line of the book it was so gripping gah I was hooked!!

ii. The Priestesses: I loved how the priestesses were dark and wielded swords and were shrouded in mystery I just loved them!

iii. Short Chapters: I love the short chapters I literally just devour them. It also kept the story moving and always added some action with the flipping back and forth. I binge read it and finished in three days!

iv. Dark and Twisty Plot: I loved the darker moments and how a lot of the times you never saw what was coming next.

v. The Magic: I need to see more of the witches, the giant green bird mounts and basically just everything magically related! I thought it was such a fun fantasy read but I want even more dark fantasy with more magic and magical creatures. I love the idea of water, wind, land, fire and death witches and just really want to see more of them!

Things I wanted to see more developed: (because honestly there wasn’t anything I didn’t like! But I did want a couple things to be even more developed)

i. The Romance: I really liked the romance and think it definitely added something crucial to the plot, but (*****SPOILER) I felt like the kiss between Roxana and Morgan was a little rushed, should have been saved for later and just let the romance simmer for longer. I thoght the sex scene was well written and tasteful, and just matches the rest of the story. other parts of the book are definitely dark (honestly I would push it to be a little more darker and even more fleshed out) so the sex scene just flows well with the other mature content.

ii. Character Development: The characters had so much potential but I think the length of the novel really prevented any major character development from happening, but I think once the series continues the development will definitely emerge and the characters will really flesh out.

iii. The Islands: I feel like even though the title was called 1001 Islands, the focus really wasn’t really focused on the islands which isn’t a huge deal but it made me want to know more about the islands like crazy!! I really want to explore more of the islands in more detail. I would have liked to see characters names as the title chapters instead of just the island names or maybe both! Like a character name and then the island name.

All in all this was SUCH a fun read and I would definitely recommend it for pirate fans!! I’ve been in such a pirate kick lately but haven’t read ANY pirate books ever!! Ahh!! So yeah this was a great way to kick it off!

I felt like once in awhile a phrase or two or a couple words sounded a little awkward, but definitely noticed differences between this book and “Frost Burn” and definitely thought the writing has improved!! Honestly just a little polishing up on the writing would have made it really good. I didn’t think the ending was anticlimactic or lacking, BUT I NEED MORE! Again this book has so much potential and could be developed and grown into so much more and I definitely want it too!

If you are an author interested in sending me a book in exchange for a review please don’t hesitate to email me!


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