5 Things To Do In Chi-Town When It’s Freezing Outside:

It says a lot when I still love a city even when it’s -15 degrees fahrenheit. My dad and I have been to Chicago more times than I can count, but never in the winter. Despite the arctic temperatures, Chicago has so many things to offer and the cold shouldn’t stop you from visiting the Chi-Town essentials!

1. The Art Institute of Chicago:


IMG_7477 IMG_9621


IMG_9583 IMG_7507


Even if you aren’t an art history nerd (aka me) you can still appreciate some gorgeous works of art at the Art Institute of Chicago.

2. The Shedd Aquarium:



The Shedd Aquarium is super gorgeous and will definitely cause you to want to smuggle a penguin home.
3. Willis Tower:


IMG_7511 IMG_9658


You’ve probably seen the Willis Tower in Ferris Buellers’ Day Off, and it’s definitely worth a trip to the top. Plus you can stand on the glass floor and contemplate your existence and imminent death should the glass give out.

4. The Private Bank Theater:

IMG_7441 IMG_7447IMG_7445IMG_7442.jpg

If you’re in Chicago PLEASE go see Hamilton. Empty your bank account. Sell your soul. Money is worthless if you don’t use it to see Hamilton.

5. Eat Pizza!!!

I don’t have a picture of this because obviously my dad and I aren’t basic enough to take pics of our food before we eat it but go treat yourself to some Chicago Deep Dish.


^ and don’t forget to bundle up!


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