“Breaking into Brilliance” by Lynn Singer Review:

The lovely Lynn Singer allowed me to access the online Breaking into Brilliance experience for free in exchange for an honest review! Thanks so much Lynn 🙂

Breaking into Brilliance is an interactive and multi-sensorial online book experience that focuses on the self and releasing the creative consciousness. Narrated by the author and accompanied by her animated art, Breaking into Brilliance leads the reader through their creative journey– allowing them to journal and upload images to the platform as well. The book documents Lynn’s journey and helps aide others in theirs.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 9.55.54 PM

When Lynn approached me about reviewing BiB, I was so curious I simply couldn’t refuse. As an extremely visual person I love animation/graphics and am a huge fan of audiobooks, and I couldn’t resist checking out a book that was a mix of all three. Let me just say– I’ve never seen anything like BiB before and going in I had no idea what the experience would be like.

Now, as BiB is not exactly a book, my review is going to be slightly different. I’m just going to do a reflection piece about my experience and my thoughts about BiB instead of a more structured review.

Essentially, the book is read aloud to you, and you can read along or just listen/look at the graphics as it is read to you. There is a definite meditative element, and the book really dives into your inner thoughts and what is holding you back from being your best self. It can come across as a little cheesy at times, but the message is there. Only you can control your life and your mind, and your life will only get better if you gain full control over those things. There are several mentions of quantum physics, which went way over my head! Haha I’m not a science person at all, but this quote really stuck with me: “Quantum physics tells us that our thoughts create reality, so be careful what you think about.” I definitely find that to be true– a positive mind makes for a positive life, and I always feel better whenever I think positive (although I can be a very pessimistic person!).

I also love how gentle Lynn is– all of her words come across as very raw and truthful. In the beginning she talks about how brilliant everyone is and that just made me feel so good inside! It feels good to be called brilliant, and to just hear someone say you have worth. So if no one has said this to you today, you are brilliant and worth more than words can say ❤ I also loved the main themes of what are my gifts? What did I come to earth to do? What can I do to help me live my best life now? Because I think about those things literally all the time! Yes I have passions– but what do I want to do with my life? Am I really happy, or am I just faking it? It’s important to confront those worries instead of pushing them to the side, and BiB really digs into that. BiB stresses the importance of living in the moment, loving yourself and making choices that bring you happiness.

I really liked some of the drawings, especially when they moved and had little sound effects, but some of the actual photographs of people and places didn’t really add much to me at least. BiB also tells you that it’s alright to say no, and oh my gosh did I need to hear that. I am literally the worst at saying no to people– I’m such a people pleaser I just do whatever I can to make my answer be “yes” and do whatever I think will make people happy, even if it hurts me. I’ve gotten better at this, and I’m working on getting even better! BiB says that people should say no. That you can hurt others and not just yourself by not saying no. I never thought about it hurting other people before and I really liked that view.

What I really loved was Lynn’s idea of animal guides! So many animals have touched my life and have helped me with my anxiety, depression and just my overall world. My horse has literally saved my life and I have no clue what I’d do without him, so I love the idea that animals come into our lives for a reason. I’m an extremely compassionate person, I’ve been vegan for two years and just adore animals. I wasn’t so into the mediative side of BiB where you meditate and picture your animal guide, but I did love the main message that animals and people are tied on an emotional and spiritual level.

Another important part of BiB is learning to embrace change instead of fearing it. My anxiety sometimes causes me to get very worked up about the little things, and change can be very difficult for me. Travel is especially difficult for me with so many unknowns and changes, and I really need to focus on embracing change and seeing it as a chance to learn something and grow. As they say, nothing can change without a change 😉

I also loved the message of forgiveness and just giving yourself permission to forgive yourself completely. You have every right to love yourself– you aren’t vain or narcissistic if you do. Don’t just accept your flaws, love your whole self.

One quote that really stuck with me was “Because when I cannot stop crying, I remember the beauty. I remember da Vinci, Van Gogh, and Shakespeare… I remember humor… I remember poetry and dancing and the sublime… You can’t want to die if you think you may never again hear Chopin or Mozart or Mingus.” It is so so important to take time and appreciate the beauty of the world, especially beauty that touches all the senses. Music, smells, sights, tastes, textures… All are such an important part of life and make life so much better– take time to appreciate them!

And finally “The world cannot exist without our input. We help bring the world into reality.” I feel like everyone feels insignificant in the world, like they have no power and can’t change anything, but the truth is you can make small differences and gah I just love that so much.

In truth, I thought the book was a little long. It has a series of steps that you follow one after the other, and I did think it stretched on a bit. I do have an extremely short attention span though. All and all, BiB was very interesting. It’s not something that’s for everyone, and again, and it bordered on cheesy occationally. But I did enjoy a lot of the themes and am glad I had the chance to experience it, as I’ve never seen anything like it– and don’t think I will again! It is incredibly unique. I rated it 3/5 stars 🙂


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