Author Interviews: Lynn Singer Author of “Breaking Into Brilliance”:

Thank you so so much to Lynn Singer for agreeing to do this interview with me! Lynn is the author of “Breaking Into Brilliance” an online, multi-sensoral experience that helps the reader release their inner creativity. Authors or bloggers interested in doing an interview like this please please don’t hesitate to contact me!!

1 . What made you realize you wanted to be a writer?

Lynn: I  never wanted to be a writer though I have written my whole life and lived among writers. I lived with a young poet and took a degree in English Lit, because unconsciously I wanted to know what the writers know. Always have had writers near me.  Writers and others always told me that I could write but I never believed them. Then, BreakingintoBrilliance  came out of a dream in Israel. I accepted the idea as my dearest  friend had had prophetic dreams about me before.

2 . Do you have any writing advice for new/aspiring writers?

Lynn: I would tell young writers or artists to absorb. Writers, read everything you can. and work with a kind, extraordinary teacher  who has the ability to open you to yourself.  Trusting process is essential, knowing your work will be circuitous and it will find its natural path. Stop comparing yourself to others, good or bad and remember most writers can paper their walls with their rejection slip. Your TRUTH is the key and your most powerful piece. Everything else will follow.

3 . What is the number one thing that has inspired your writing? (ex. a certain song, painting, person, etc)

Lynn: My writing has been influenced by films and plays, poetry and dreams. I have always taught–diction, voice and acting. Performed and did voice-overs. Also a photographer, having worked with the Greek government filming the sacred sites. What I don’t like about writing is the singularity…I am a theatrical being!


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