“The Gate Guardian’s Daughter” by K.T. Munson Review:

Guardian demons, an isolated little girl with dangerous powers and conscious stardust– find all this and more in K.T. Munson’s newest novella “The Gate Guardian’s Daughter” prequel to “The Sixth Gate” trilogy!

I’m working on my one sentence reviews, but for real, how can I condense everything in The Gate Guardian’s Daughter into a single sentence?! This prequel perfectly sets the stage without throwing up information on the reader and introduces the characters just enough while still leaving you wanting more. 4/5 stars!!


Meet Elisabeth: a young girl completely isolated from the outside world because of the dangerous powers she possesses. Her adoptive father, Malthael, orders her to stay away from the other children, worried that Elisabeth’s true powers will one day be unleashed. The problem is– Elisabeth doesn’t feel dangerous, and she desperately wants a playmate her age. So when a little boy climbs up the wall of her property, she simply can’t refuse his offer of friendship.

But Elisabeth is about to discover that her powers are dangerous– very dangerous. Can she learn to control them, or will she unleash herself on the very town she was isolated from?

The Gate Guardian’s Daughter was released on May 20th and is available on ebook through Amazon! The prequel is roughly 28 pages and contains an excerpt from the first book in The Sixth Gate trilogy. The first novel is set to be released later this summer and I seriously cannot wait!

*K.T. Munson sent me a free ebook copy of this book in exchange for a review 🙂


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