Ashford Castle Photo Traveldiary:

This was my favorite day of the Ireland trip!! We drove from Galway to Ashford Castle in Cong, Ireland. We went horseback riding and did a hawk walk where we got to fly the falcons from the falconry school! Then we took a walk around the castle grounds through the gardens and we took soooo many pics gah it was the best day ever.

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“Wintersong” by S. Jae Jones Review:

I’ve been very disappointed with the books I’ve been reading lately, mainly because my expectations got too high and then the books just fell short. I had high expectations with Winterson but I tried not to get my hopes up, but man this book was AMAZING!! This book is such a beautiful read and very transportive. This book felt incredibly unique and was very dark and eerie, which I loved. 4/5 stars!

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“The Gate Guardian’s Daughter” by K.T. Munson Review:

Guardian demons, an isolated little girl with dangerous powers and conscious stardust– find all this and more in K.T. Munson’s newest novella “The Gate Guardian’s Daughter” prequel to “The Sixth Gate” trilogy!

I’m working on my one sentence reviews, but for real, how can I condense everything in The Gate Guardian’s Daughter into a single sentence?! This prequel perfectly sets the stage without throwing up information on the reader and introduces the characters just enough while still leaving you wanting more. 4/5 stars!!

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“Breaking into Brilliance” by Lynn Singer Review:

The lovely Lynn Singer allowed me to access the online Breaking into Brilliance experience for free in exchange for an honest review! Thanks so much Lynn 🙂

Breaking into Brilliance is an interactive and multi-sensorial online book experience that focuses on the self and releasing the creative consciousness. Narrated by the author and accompanied by her animated art, Breaking into Brilliance leads the reader through their creative journey– allowing them to journal and upload images to the platform as well. The book documents Lynn’s journey and helps aide others in theirs.

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10 Feminist Reads All Women Need In Their Lives:

It’s hard being a feminist in today’s society; you get called an extremist, bra-burning lesbian when all you really want is for men and women to have equal rights. The struggle is real, and sometimes you just want to curl up with a good book and forget the world altogether. But why not curl up with a feminist novel, with authors and characters who get where you’re coming from? These books will terrify, inspire, enlighten and change you– and your views on feminism. And no, they aren’t all boring classics. Feminist books can be found in any genre if you know where to look.

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“A Court of Wings and Ruin” by Sarah J. Maas Review:

This is my first Sarah J Maas book that I’ve given less than 5 stars to and honestly I am just completely devastated right now. I tried to drag ACOWAR out as long as I could– I didn’t start it for weeks after it came out, I avoided spoilers as much as humanly possible and I didn’t read a single early released quote. I was so freaking excited for this book to come out. I have no words to describe the emotions and heartache I felt after A Court of Mist and Fury, and I had waited over a year for A Court of Wings and Ruin. I didn’t want to start it because I didn’t want my favorite book series of all time to end. I was scared for the characters I had grown to love, scared to face a world where I wouldn’t have another Prynthian adventure to look forward to year after year. The one thing I wasn’t scared of was being disappointed.

But I was. I was horribly, immensely disappointed.

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My Favorite Places In Banff, Canada:

Banff National Park is one of the most beautiful places on earth and a must visit for everyone. I got to travel to Banff with three of my best friends last summer and it became my favorite place in the whole world. I’ve narrowed it down to my 8 favorite locations from the trip, which was hard because I literally loved everything we did. From crystal clear blue lakes to wildflower hikes, you need to add this gorgeous National Park to your bucket list!

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